Mobile Advertising

SMS (Short message service)

This form of advertising is still so young and new that the biggest percentage of potential customers have not seen and experienced it firsthand. Knowing this, you can establish your organization as a leader in this industry and achieve a higher impact with your target audience.


The Benefits of SMS Advertising


Mobile marketing allows marketers to reach out and communicate to customers “on-the-go” and be able to create a two-way communication with them. This is especially important in today’s age and time when the majority of the population, especially the working class don’t just stay in offices anymore, like how it used to be in former days. They go wherever there is an opportunity, and with this kind of lifestyle, you cannot grab a permanent hold on them, which is one of the major aspects in building a database of consumers.


Reachability / Mobility

You can send your brand messages to consumers without having to worry that they will not receive it. People take their cell phones with them wherever they go, which is one of the main foundations in the establishment of SMS bulk marketing. No need for televisions, radios, mailboxes, or computers. Cell phones are within reach 80% of the time, so you can be sure that the messages you send get to where they’re supposed to go.



Mobile marketing allows you to track outcome sin your campaign. You can do that through downloads, page visits on your website, and customer opt-ins especially. You can also measure your success in terms of other methods, depending on the type of mobile marketing being used. The most obvious, of course, are the responses related to your latest promotion. If you ask your subscribers to participate in a special event, then you can measure the effectivity of that particular campaign in terms of participants in your event.


Viral Potential

Text messages can be easily shared, thus increasing the potential for your brand promotion to reach new audiences and potential customers. The good thing about this is you don’t pay for anything. Instant marketing at no cost. There are actually strategies on how to have effective viral campaign through mobile. Of course, you have to have an interesting campaign in order to compel people towards participating.


Marketing Campaign Integration

Mobile marketing allows for integration of new and innovative forms of advertising with already existing strategies in order to enhance its interactivity and impact. You can do so much with mobile campaigns. Smart phones, iPhones, and Androids especially have features that make it possible for advertisers to integrate simple SMS promotion with other features.Interactivity



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