Mobile Advertising

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)

To sum it up in a nutshell MMS is simply Picture Messaging.The MMS  allows for the creation of messages sent from one mobile phone to another that can contain text, pictures, audio, and video that can be optionally organized into slides in a presentation.


Benefits of Advertising with MMS:

Multimedia messaging services allow the user to receive and send multimedia messages like video clips, audio clips, pictures, texts, and so forth to a compatible cellphone. Mobile marketing is inexpensive and is gaining increasing popularity among many. Here are the reasons why you need to incorporate mobile marketing in your business.


  1. Mobile marketing is effective as it helps you to interact with the target audience, thereby creating seamless communication with your consumers. By so doing, you will hear their opinions about your products/services.


  1. The reason why multimedia marketing is gaining immense popularly is simply because it is affordable as opposed to other traditional advertising campaigns. Additionally, it is quite easy to manage.

Creates brand awareness

  1. You can integrate multimedia marketing with social websites to create a lasting customer relationship. This helps to create brand awareness, thereby increasing your revenues. Moreover, it helps you build loyal clientele by ensuring they are well-versant with your products/ services.


Attracts new customers

  1. With mobile marketing, you can forward a single multimedia message to many people, particularly if you have great bargains and discount prices. Track consumer receptiveness to your advertisements, so that you can make the necessary changes when you feel the response is not satisfying.



  1. Advancements in Mobile technology allow you to monitor consumer availability online anywhere, anytime. This is why Multimedia marketing is appealing with regards to advertising your products and range of services. Multimedia marketing also provides immediate communication and accessibility with prospects. This is an added advantage since you can create customized messages to promote the advertisement toward individuals.Benefits of MMS

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