LED Billboard Advertising


Located on the 101 corridor between San Francisco and San Jose 1/8th of a mile south of the Great America Expressway on the east side of the freeway

In heart of Silicon Valley which is filled with highly educated, demographically desirable commuters that see our advertising display every day at least five times a day

  • Motorist, commuters and valley visitors that use the 101 corridor are among the most affluent motorist in the country
  • Since our sign is in the heart of Silicon Valley we are sure your ad will be scene with many nationally recognized companies
  • The daily commuters are more likely to view and re-view a dynamically changing billboard verses a static billboard
  • 6 times more effective than conventional static advertising
  • Fresh content and brilliant colors even in direct sun light conditions
  • More than 16.7 million colors and more than 6500 nits of brightness
  • Delivers your message with more than six times the effectiveness of static billboards
  • Designed to look crisp and brilliant regardless of weather conditions
  • Has an automatic dimmer system to adjust of different lighting conditions