Media Buying & Planning

How does Media Buying work?

Successful Media Buying requires two processes;
a strong relationship with key media owners to ensure our clients know about new opportunites and secondly the clout to ensure our clients pay a competitve price and get return of investment.

Our strategies allow us to optimize what is bought which is dependent on budget, type of medium (radio, internet, TV, print, outdoor), target audience, time of day for broadcast. We calculate how much time and space is wanted for Radio, Television, Outdoor & Indoor Media, Print and major Internet sites reaching thousands, even millions of potential customers around the clock.

Icon delivers our clients results and return of investment by evaluating factors based on but not limited to station formats, pricing rates, demographics, geographic, and psychographics relating to our clients particular product or service objectives.

We optimize campaigns and increases customer acquisition for products or services whether our clients are looking to promote products, company awareness or expand their demographics.

Icon Advertising is responsible for planning and buying the advertising media for a full range of corporate clients.


SuccessfulMedia Planning

The first thing we do, using a combination of research techniques, our experience and analysis, is to determine with our clients who their most likely, or most desired, customers are. We are then able to determine which media these potential customers see, read, hear or engage with the most. This is the media planning of a campaign; we 'plan' advertising campaigns that reach intended audiences, with the minimum amount of wastage.

After this initial planning stage, we then work alongside creative agencies, who actually make the advertisements. It is our responsibility to get the advertising on to the television screens and radio, in to the press and cinemas, on to billboards and poster sites, and online. This is what we call media buying.


SuccessfulMedia Buying

During the buying stage, Icon negotiates the best possible prices with media owners such as television and radio stations, magazine publishers and website owners for the space or airtime. Because Icon's strong relationships and strategic alliance with broadcasters, we are able to buy media at an incredibly competitive price. Even so, we are always looking for innovative ways to reduce costs further and increase the effectiveness of advertising - whether on screen, outdoors or online.

Though the years our experienced negotiators have built strong alliances with several broadcast stations and networks to provide a customer-oriented super force enabling us to cross-over markets and access media world-wide.

This gives us unparalleled negotiation power when buying media on behalf of our clients.

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