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Today’s fast paced world has lead companies to look into and become form familiar with various forms of advertising.

While traditional advertising such as radio, newspaper, magazine, television, and direct mail are still important forms of advertising; new technology has also opened up a vast new avenue of digital advertising.

Digital advertising selections:

  • Mass email advertising.  When done properly, mass email marketing can be a great form of advertisement as you reach those that will more specifically respond to your advertisement such as repeat customers or contacts.  If you are going to use mass email marketing as a way of advertisement consider working with a reputable companythat help you manage every aspect and detail of the marketing plan.
  • Social media advertising.  Using social media sites such as Facebook® and Twitter® has become an important avenue for advertising.  From creating a simple business or product page to using the actual paid advertisement resources social media sites provide you can not only reach current customers and contacts but thousands of others as well.

With the options available today, there are many fun and creative ways to reach potential customers through digital advertising.  The key is to find the one that best meets those in your target audience.


Digital Ad Opportunities


Standard Ad Units



Prime location at the top of the page makes this a highly prominent ad unit.


Leaderboard Expandable

Provides a more engaging experience as the ad expands as a user interacts with it. Creates page dominance yet can be closed easily, not impacting the user’s view of the page. Additional metrics such as time spent and interaction rates provide valuable feedback to the advertiser.


Big Box

The Big Box’s prime location on the right rail creates a highly prominent ad unit, generating ‘higher than average’ click-through rates Positioned beside photo galleries which have a high interaction rate. The Big Box’s prime location on the right rail creates a highly prominent ad unit, generating ‘higher than average’ click-through rates Positioned beside photo galleries which have a high interaction rate.


Big Box Expandable

The ad unit expands when the user interacts with it, creating a more engaging experience. The expanded ad creates page dominance. Time spent and ad interaction metrics provides additional value to the advertiser.


Companion Ads (Leaderboard, Big Box Tall Block)

The impact of a Leaderboard and Big Box or Tall Block appearing in tandem is significant. Even more cool is the way the two ads can interact with each other. The page dominance of Companion Ads increases brand and message recall.



Highly cost-effective display ad unit on the right rail of the home page and any section front Integrated with other ad units in a campaign, this cost effective small ad pulls a punch.


Tall Block

Stands out as the advertiser owns a large, increasing ad recall and click through rates. Great fit for “call to action” ads.


In-Banner Video

Video drives five times better results than standard or rich media ad, providing a more engaging user experience & higher ad recall. The impact of sound and movement serves to increase your ad effectiveness. Additional metrics such as video views, time viewed & replays is valuable feedback for your campaign.


Top Layer

The top layer appears ‘on top’ of the page’s content making it highly visible and interactive. With a maximum 10-second run time and a prominent ‘Close’ button, it doesn’t annoy readers and won’t be served to the same user more than twice per campaign.


Top Layer into Leaderboard

An alternative to the top layer which disappears once closed, this page dominant ad unit recedes into a leaderboard. Unless closed earlier by the user, this top layer will close itself within 10 seconds and won’t be served more than twice to the same user – the novelty never becomes an annoyance.


Top Layer into Big Box

This clever top layer works with the content, receding into a big box automatically after 10 seconds or when the user hits the close button. It won’t be served more than twice to the same user.


Transitional Ad

This 10 second message launches on its own ‘transitional’ page prior to a user entering websites or navigating between pages on the sites. It captures the user’s attention due to its size and because transitional ads are often animated. By taking up the entire window, there is nothing to compete with for the user’s attention, who has option to ‘skip advertisement’. No user will see this more than twice per campaign.


Peel Back

Their prime location in the top right corner ensures that more users initiate the Peelback as their curiosity gets the better of them. It then morphs into a page dominate ad. We’ll provide the metrics on how many users interacted with the ad unit, providing the advertiser with valuable information for planning future campaigns.


Catfish Ad

Catfish ads surface discretely at the bottom of a user’s web browser and remain there as the user scrolls down the page without blocking content. It’s always in the user’s field of vision creating a dramatic impact.


Sidekick Ad

After the user initiates, the entire page shifts to the left, revealing this microsite which can include sight, sound (user initiated) and motion for its captive audience.


Interactive Banner to Windowshade

This banner opens up automatically pushing the website content down, creating a rich, interactive media piece that showcases the client’s products and messaging and provides an engaging experience for the user.


Video Pre-Role

Video pre-roll has been proven to have a greater impact than live or “on demand” television viewing. The consumption of online video content is growing at break neck speed and our videos provide a credible, trust worthy environment for your pre-roll.




Smart phone penetration is at 30% in Canada and growing rapidly as people re their mobile contracts and pick a smart phone as their device. Mobile advertising investment is forecasted to grow by 65% in the coming year as advertisers take advantage of the opportunity. Reach an audience on the move with our mobile banners, catfish and interstitial ad units.


Tablets (Apple iPad, RIM Playbook, HP Touchpad)


Tablet ownership doubled in Canada between January and August 2011 and is expected to continue to grow exponentially. Reading our apps on a tablet is a rich, visual experience, allowing the user to catch every angle of the story – even when on the go – with dynamic video content and stunning, high resolution photos. Reading on a tablet is sited by 30% of people who intend to purchase a tablet – it’s part of the buying decision.


Small Box and Logo

As our app launches, your ad appears before any of the content does, creating a strong brand association with our valued and trusted brand.


Small Box on Index Page

You can position your ad right on the index page, which is the equivalent of the home page of a website.



You can target specific sections or your ad can be run of site.


Full Screen Interstitial

At End of Section or every 13th spot in photo gallery, this dominate ad is impactful as it fills the screen.


Fixed-Position Advertising


Headline Wrap

The Advertiser’s logo and tagline wraps relevant headline, creating an association with a highly credible and relevant editorial environment.


Header Skinny/Bar Sponsorship

This unique sponsorship opportunity creates brand association within a highly targeted content area. Combined with other ad units on the page, this creates a powerful impact with your target audience.


Premium Advertorial

Place your compelling content within a website through an advertorial. Your introductory paragraph links to a story page with three images and 5 links within the article and includes search engine optimization. Enhancing the impact is ownership of all ad units on the story page.


Content Module

This branded widget contains four links on a particular topic directing to a story page which features exclusive leaderboard and big box positions as well as a title banner. The effect is a brand association with an extremely trusted editorial environment.


Home Page Takeover



Dominate our home page for a 24 hour period. Ideal for reaching a mass audience in a short period of time, this impactful takeover of every ad position on the home page drives your message to a large audience within a set time frame – perfect for Grand Openings, product launches or major sales.



Creating an even bigger impact, the premium takeover includes the “wall paper” which is the space around the webpage, as well as all the ad units. It’s ideal for product launches and grand openings. Target big days such as elections and playoffs to maximize page views.


Sponsorship Opportunities


Section Index for Entire Section Sponsorship

Target a section of the site and dominate it with a high impact campaign. It’s ideal for reaching a mass yet targeted audience in a short period of time.


Big Sponsorship

With over one hundred blogs covering a wide variety of topics, we can position your brand in front of niche audiences with very specific interests.


Story Tools Sponsorship

This widget appears on each story page as a tool for users. A sponsorship of this tool allows for your brand to be associated with credible editorial content. Your logo is always visible, followed by messaging as a tool is utilized.


‘Most Popular ’ Sponsorship

Our Most Popular widget is front and centre on the page. A sponsorship of this tool includes your logo and a ‘Sponsored By’ tag-line in across virtually all pages of site, providing massive brand exposure.


‘Sports/Scoreboard’ Sponsorship

Integrate your brand within the highly targeted sports index.


Photo Gallery Sponsorship

Photo Galleries are a huge hit with our users, enticing thousands of people a day. Your photo sized ad will be positioned within Sports and Celebrity Photos, some of our top galleries.Photo Galleries are a huge hit with our users, enticing thousands of people a day. Your photo sized ad will be positioned within Sports and Celebrity Photos, some of our top galleries.


Breaking Alerts Sponsorship

With our network, target your advertising message to reach more than 4600 Avid readers in BC as they are updated with the latest Breaking , and current events.


Widget Sponsorship

A sponsorship of a widget creates brand association within a specific content category such as jobs, cars or homes. The low cpm makes this a highly effective and cost efficient branding mechanism.


letter Sponsorship

letters are subscribed to by a highly engaged targeted audience – take advantage of this through a sponsorship. Whether it’s finance, travel, sports, lifestyle, entertainment, wine, or technology, you’ll reach a user who is actively seeking information on that particular topic.


E-Blasts Directly to Consumer

We have thousands of users interested in special offers, discounts, promotions and contests. Put your offer in front of them with one of our Eblasts which have high open rates as people are interested in receiving it.





A contest can generate awareness of your brand and products, creating a buzz. Increasing interaction with your brand, contests are a great way to build an association of good will and also generate a database of potential customers. We have the knowledge and experience in building contests – let us create a contest solution tailored to your needs.


Splash Pages – Microsite

If you don’t have a website, don’t worry. We can create a splash page on our site for the length of your online campaign. It’s a quick and inexpensive solution to revamping your own site.



  • Our hosting division enables clients to build thier own sites with our easy to use FREE sitebuilder.
  • Have our skilled Webdev team build you a professional website.


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