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Media Buying enables advertisers to build product identity. Gear towards maximizing impact for market coverage and…Our negotiators have built strong alliances with several broadcast stations and networks to provide a customer-oriented super force enabling us to cross-over markets and access media world-wide.

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It is the media buyers who negotiating special deals with the broadcasters, networks and buy the best parcels of ‘slots’ to achieve the best cost.


Local TV * Broadcast TV * National Broadcast TV * National Network • Satellite TV * Digital Pre-Roll * Movie Theaters * In-Flight Video Advertising.

OTT Advertising

Game consoles * Smart TV (in-TV apps like HBO Go and Netflix) * Streaming Boxes * Mobile devices Personal computers.

Successful Media Buying requires three phases

Media Buying Connects Brands to Customers


strategic alliance

Though the years our experienced negotiators have built strong strategic alliances with media owners to inform our clients about new advertising opportunities.


expertise in Negotiations

Secondly, unparalleled negotiation power and clout when buying media on behalf of our clients. to ensure our clients pay a competitive price and get return of investment.


Innovative Opportunites

We offer our clients innovative opportunities to reduce costs further and increase the effectiveness of advertising – whether on screen, outdoors or online.

Have your product placed in a TV Show

We have sponsorship opportunities including product placement and commercial spots available

product Placement

In a nutshell, product placement is the promotion of branded goods and services within the context of a show or movie, rather than as an explicit advertisement.

When you see a product or service appear in a TV show, or in a motion picture, the company behind it has usually (but not always) paid for their brand to appear on screen or on the radio.

Also known as embedded marketing or advertising, it has been around for decades, but marketers have become much more sophisticated in the way they use it. Once a very obvious form of sponsorship, product placement is sometimes flying under the radar. You barely notice that every single car used in the movie or show was from only one auto-maker. Or, that everyone drinks the same brand of soda.

Some of the most infamous product placement scenes in movies include:

  • The Texaco oil change service in Back To The Future 2

  • The BMW ad in the 1995 movie Goldeneye

  • Reese’s Pieces were everywhere in E.T. (M&Ms turned it down)

  • The GM vehicles in Transformers

  • Converse and Audi in I, Robot

  • Xbox, Puma, Calvin Klein and Speedo in The Island


Reach your target audience in a more subtle way in this age of commercial-skipping and ad blindness. Product placement is big business, quite simply because it works.

Television Shows

Product placement can directly influence our implicit attitudes, such that our attitude toward a TV program or film.

Video Games

With new technologies and internet connectivity, advertising has taken different forms. With new technologies and internet connectivity, advertising has taken different forms. For example, “Advergaming” is where a game is designed to clearly advertise a specific product and/or company.


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Media Buying List

Our list consists of the following advertising mediums, advertising platforms, TV networks local TV stations.
Animal Planet
Rogers Media Inc
Telemundo Spanish Broadcast Network