Film & TV

Film & Television

Bringing together a team of industry professionals with experience in feature films, television series and broadcast documentaries.

We create high-impact media properties through innovative storytelling, to leverage brand recognition and amplify outreach.

Icon’s production division is also geared to deliver specialized services focusing on treatments, series bibles, media kits, and online video promotions.


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Pitching a special project , pitching to new clients, or you want to present your company and/or your brand a media kit will make you stand out in the world of marketing.

It’s common for companies to request a media kit from a company or an individual they want to work with, so not having one can actually lead to you missing out on partnerships and revenue opportunities.

It’s about the person, the brand, the company.

We provide personal publicity for actors, musicians and other industry professionals, film and television publicity campaigns to feature film and television series unit publicity.

Icon brings together a team of industry professionals with experience in films, television series, commercials and broadcast documentaries.   We provide specialized marketing and advertising services for both Film and TV.  

Our team creates high-impact media properties through innovative storytelling to leverage brand recognition. 

From concept to completion Icon’s Team delivers specialized services focusing on  creative development, treatments, series bibles, media kits, advertising and sponsorhips distribution and online video promotions. 


Our production division offers full-service video production services. From action sports to high-impact videos for DVD, to television and the Web.  We work within the timelines and stay within budgets to complete projects without compromising quality.

We specialize in building innovative sponsorships for a variety of television shows. Our sponsor packages drive long-term awareness and positive brand associations to a more receptive audience and are seen in a more positive light .

We provide clearance and licensing assistance in order to get approval for commercials to air as efficiently as possible. In addition to approving final ads,  we can provide guidance on creative ideas, scripts, and production so that they work within the guidelines.

Product Placement Can Make a Lesser Known Brand Skyrocket

Diana Beyer


Highly skilled professionals dedicated to managing your project with the utmost professionalism from concept to completion


Do our best to work within time constraints or limited budgets to complete projects time lines without compromising quality.


When a video project is complete, we often follow up with planning premiere parties, managing distribution, and merchandising to promote our clients’ projects.

Product placement marketing is an affordable effective tool used for positioning your brand.

 Say hello to the world of product placements and branded entertainment.

Product Placement

Also known as embedded marketing or advertising, it has been around for decades, but marketers have become much more sophisticated in the way they use it. Once a very obvious form of sponsorship, product placement is sometimes flying under the radar.

You barely notice that every single car used in the movie or show was from only one auto-maker. Or, that everyone drinks the same brand of soda.

Product placement marketing is an affordable effective tool used for positioning your brand.

Product Placement in the movies

Some of the most infamous product placement scenes in movies include:

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